CRT Wellness Center of Sarasota

  Made To Thrive - Not Merely Survive!

taken from Romans 12:9-13 Take delight in honoring each other... always be eager to practice hospitality.

Mission Statement: To inspire hope, provide encouragement, guidance and mentorship in the process of creating a more balanced, healthy life, and implement lasting changes for living well.

My name is Katy. (My friends call me "the wellness lady"). I'm glad you stopped by.

Whether you are here out of pure curiosity or looking for something specific, I invite you to browse my website for the latest goings on.  This is a good time to sit back, relax, and enjoy a cup of your fav' herbal tea... or a tall glass of refreshing, hydrating water. (try infusing your water with food grade CPTG Lemon Essential oil and/or add fresh slices of cucumber. Yum!)